Wrigley Consulting Services        
Integration and consulting services for plotting, scanning and document archive

Wrigley Consulting Services designs an implementation plan that includes the installation and configuration of both hardware and software components. This also includes the deployment of drivers and full functionality testing from client applications for most plotters, scanners and multifunction systems.


In addition to the standard implementation services that are offered we also offer these other services.


Scanning Management Services

Provide document scanning and conversion from hardcopy to electronic format. Configuration and delivery of electronic files to local or network destinations and other storage device locations.


Project Management Services

For complex implementations we offer project management services, these services are offered when the install is networked over several systems or when delivering output or electronic images to multiple corporate locations.


Document management

We can provide scan, index and archive solutions for your hardcopy documents.  Now your documents will be on your network in a secure environment where you can find them easily.

Other services include the clean up of background older drawings, rotation and de-skewing of the documents.


System Analysis Services

All of our complex installations start with a planning phase, here our consultants identify all the systems, network configuration and document workflow. This phase helps us in identifying the most efficient integration scenario for both hardware and software.

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